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Magasin Sälen is a life style magazine with focus on the Sälen mountains. We want to inspire and inform you about Northern Europe’s largest ski resort which offers a wide range of activities that other ski resorts can’t beat. From breathtaking downhill skiing to the perfectly prepared slopes for beginners. From dog sledding to snow mobiling on the mountain. From food and drinks in world class to irresistible shopping. From the summers vide range with mountain biking to the hiking tours in the fall. We want to inspire you about this in an easy and editorial way. All this, while also showing you new trends, profiles in Sälen, all the gadgets you need and everything that makes your holiday as enjoyable as possible.


Besides our editorial spread with articles, we give you pages with Cold Facts, packed with all the information you need about restaurants, bars, activities and much more. This is the one and only guide to Sälen that you will ever need. We have wrapped everything up in a luxurious magazine that we distribute all over Sälen.
You’ll find our magazine all over the mountain: in receptions, hotel, restaurants, ski shops, bakery’s and stores. All in all, in about 90 different places.
The editorial staff wishes you an entertaining time while reading and a great holiday in our mountains.

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We are

Gerry Holmström, Head of publishing

Gerry Holmström, born and raised in Stockholm, founded Magasin Sälen in 2005 after learning that he wanted to return to Sälen after running a ski school there in the 1980s. Today he oversees advertisement and strategy for the magazine.


Annalena Åvik Holmström, Editor in chief and writer

Annalena coordinates everything from fashion photoshoots to whom we are interviewing to get information about the airport, for example. Annelena is also the only one of the staff that is born and raised in Sälen.

Tomas Ring, AD

Tomas is the magazine’s top dog when it comes to style and finesse. Tomas has worked with many different life style magazines and has been a part of Magasin Sälen from the start. Give him a par of running shoes and he will gladly run a though run in the mountains.


Kramer , wellness consultant

Kramer is the Wellness Consultant at the magazine. 

Monica Thunholm, Editorial secretary and writer

Monica moved to Sälen last season and found herself right at home. Monica recently worked in England and she is now the glue that holds the magazine together. She will also produce written material in a rapid paste.


registered brand

Magasin Sälen is a registered brand.
Published by Sälen Event & Media.
Distributed on chosen locations, in our app and our website.
We are happy to receive material from freelancers but please contact us first.
Please quote us but contact us first at info@magasinsalen.se