Sälen is Northern Europe’s largest ski resort.

Reach out to over one million new costumers

Expose your message to an active, strong target group through the only magazine in Sälen, Magasin Sälen.

Every year, over two million guests visit Sälen which is twice as many visitors as Åre has. The turnover in Sälen is 2,7 billion Swedish kronor.

The guests mainly come from the bigger cities in the south and middle part of Sweden and Mälardalen up to the south part of Dalarna. The main target group is families with children but also the younger audience who come to Sälen during the weekends to ski and party. This makes Magain Sälen a national magazine and not just a local magazine.

Through Magasin Sälen you can reach the entire south and middle part of Sweden, from Malmö to Stockholm in a very cost-efficient way.

The target group who are between 20 – 50 years old is affluent with an active lifestyle and high income. Each week, from December to April, 80 000 new guests come to Sälen. The visitors during the summer is increasing and they come to Sälen to bike, both cross country and downhill but also to hike, fish, paddle or just to enjoy the calm and relaxing vibe of the mountain.

Magasin Sälen is a lifestyle magazine with focus on the entire area that is Sälen. We are the only magazine, from Kläppen in the south, through the valley and up the mountain to the SkiStar area that is Lindvallen, Högfjället, Tandådalen and Hundfjället, all the way up to Stöten. We publish the magazine four times a year and have two issues during the winter season, one Swedish and one English. We publish our spring issue during Vasaloppet and the summer issue comes out around midsummer. One million guests read our magazines in total.

We handle our own distribution in our own stands that are in around 90 different places during the winter and 40 different places during the summer.

Magasin Sälen describes the mountains in Sälen and the rich range that is available here all year around. From all the activities, restaurants, entertainments, trends, personal profiles and the gadgets you need.

Your advertisement is presented in our luxurious magazine that is, if you can believe it, free for the guests.

You can also read our magazine on our website or download our app which over 5000 guests already have done.


The Swedish winter issue: 60 000 copy’s

The English winter issue: 20 000 copy’s
The spring issue: 20 000 copy’s
The summer issue: 30 000 copy’s
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Download our app which over 5000 guests already have done.

Magasin Sälen is read by over one million guests in Sälen.

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